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what are honeybees

15 Beekeeping rules


The bees live as they naturally would and their benefits reach more people. Our new goal is to raise San Diego’s bee population throughout the city and at the same time spread awareness among the community.

Our hope is that these backyard hives will facilitate a dialogue among neighbours, friends, family and the community at large about the huge importance of bees.

"Bright as a sunflower."
"Garden sweet garden."

The first step to becoming a successful beekeeper is to learn as much as you can about the bees themselves. Considering all the variables that may affect your honeybees, you may see something different every time you get into your hive. In order to make appropriate management decisions, beekeepers must be flexible in their ability to figure out why bees are behaving a certain way, and how certain actions may impact their well.

Types of honey

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